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The Rochdale Christadelphians   Bible in Hand

                     hold their meetings at

The Christadelphian Hall,310 Yorkshire Street,
 Rochdale, Lancashire OL16 2EF (UK)

at the following times

     Sunday  15:00 Breaking of Bread (Memorial) Service

     Sunday  18:30 Bible Talk

     Tuesday 19:45 Bible Study Class

     We are a body of Bible-based Christians who try to follow the teachings of
Jesus Christ as given to the original first century believers, avoiding whenever possible aspects of Christianity which are based on man-made traditions added since that time.
We encourage other people to know of and follow the Lord Jesus Christ, by personal contact and various preaching activities, including weekly public talks; leaflet distribution; Bible Reading Seminars; special lectures; exhibitions; 'Bible-Line' (a phone-in service), among others.

For subjects of Sunday Bible Talks, see the 'Bible Talks Subjects' page
- which also includes the Tuesday Bible Study Class programme.