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Christadelphian views on a variety of subjects


Throughout the year a wide range of Bible subjects are studied and shared with those who respond to our invitations to attend - in local newspapers, below, and on notice-boards at our meeting hall.

During 2009, God willing, subjects such as:  Getting to know the Bible; Important Bible Prophecies; The promises God has made; Where should a Christian stand?;
The Bible and...; The teachings of Jesus; Explore Bible teaching; Bible characters;
The Bible; Important Bible teachings; Christianity today; The Lord Jesus
 will form the basis of our Sunday Evening Bible talks.

Sunday Bible Talks for October 2009

      October     4th  -   Short-term pleasures, long-term consequences

                       11th  -   Has Christianity failed?          

                      18th  -   Life after death - a reality       

                      25th  -  Bible teaching about human nature


Everyone is invited and welcome to attend these talks -
and our Tuesday Bible Class too.
Bibles are available, our steward will assist.


Tuesday Bible Study Class Programme for October 2009

    October    6th    Parables in Luke - The Good Samaritan

                   13th    The Day of The Lord will come  (2 Peter 3)

                   20th    NO CLASS

                   27th    Speakers Choice  (J Walker)